The Qt Web Framework

Create fast and modern web applications that share the same code from your desktop or mobile apps!

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Share code

Why have two or more development teams focused on an especifc platform when you can have a single team coding the same code, sharing skills and lines of code!

With Qt, you already can write application for Windows, Linux, OSX, Windows Phone, Android and iOS using the same source code, Cutelyst allows you to share your C++ code with your web application.

Easy to deploy

Cutelyst has a plugin for uWSGI which give us support for HTTP, FastCGI, uWSGI protocols. It also features a WSGI server written in Qt which can deliver even faster HTTP or FastCGI responses. Running standalone or behind a web server is really easy.


With your application logic written in C++ your application get's really small, a full CMS (like this one) uses around 4 MB which can be shared with other instances of the same application. You save your RAM and CPU while offering your users with faster response times.