Cutelyst 0.7.0 is out and now has a tutorial!

Cutelyst the Qt/C++ web framework just got a new release, 0.7.0 brings many improvements, bugfixes and features.

Most notably of the changes is a shinny new Chained dispatcher that finally got implemented, with it Cutelyst Tutorial got finished, and a new command line tool to bootstrap new projects.

  • Request::bodyData() can return a QJsonDocument is content-type is application/json
  • Chained dispatcher
  • Fixes on QStringListeral and QLatin1String usage
  • More debug information
  • Some API changes to match Catalyst's
  • Some rework on the API handlying Plugins (not the best thing yet)
  • Moved to Gitlab (due to the gitorious being acquired by it)
  • "cutelyst" command line tool

For the next release I'll try to make the QML integration a reality, and try to improve the Plugins API, which is right now the part that needs more love would love to hear some advice.

Download it here.

Have fun!